Tuesday, February 10, 2009

-Vignettes of people and their surroundings-

These are the vignettes I did of people and their surroundings. Within these vignettes I wanted to capture the colors, tone, and mood of the people in the space. 

This first vignette, I really wanted to capture this one guy that kept talking on his cell phone. It actually worked out sort of perfect, the fact that the partition/divider was their, and the way it was built. It really allowed me to capture his face and his phone. However, I also wanted to highlight the design aspect of the space, and really portray the bold colors used throughout the coffee shop. When I was drawing this I was reminded of how nice it was to just sit back and draw.

This is the second vignette. I drew it in the same coffee shop. Within this vignette I really wanted to capture the essence of the girl behind the counter, that appeared to be extremely solemn and completely bored. As I was drawing her and the space around her she practically just stood their, while staring of into space. When I water colored this picture I wanted to capture the colors of the space; however, I really wanted to show how solemn she appeared. So I decided to keep the entire vignette monotone, in order to portray that emotion. 
This vignette turned out to be my favorite. I feel that it is more appealing to me compared to the other two because you can feel the boldness of the space. I believe that I captured the better in this vignette than the other ones because I used the bold color of the couch where the guy was sitting. Therefore, I really wanted my focus to be on the guy and the sofa. And so I painted everything else a really neutral color so that it would not distract from the guy and the couch. 

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