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Porch/ Hearth/Court 

" In French cathedrals the vertical line dominated everywhere, although the interior elevation was divided into three distinct zones ( arcade, triforium, and clerestory.) " (pg. 339 Roth)

" The new choir of Saint-Denis was to be suffused by a divine radiance, earthly light filtered through the sacred images of stained glass. As Suger wrote,"Bright is the noble edifice which is pervaded by new light." (Roth, pg. 330)

" In the transitional phases, modifications to the floor plan were least affected by the advent of Renaissance. Gradually emphasis was given to symmetry, rectangular plans, and uniform spacing." (Blakemore, pg 105)


Renaissance artists firmly adhered to the Pythagorean concept, "All is number...Architecture was regarded by them as a mathematical science which worked as spacial units: parts of that universal space for the scientific interpretation of which they had discovered the keys in laws of perspective...And they were convinced that universal harmony could not reveal itself entirely unless it were realized in space through architecture conceived in the service of religion. ( Rudolf Wiltkower, Architectural Principles in Age of Humanism, 1999.-Roth)

"Ornamental detail for interiors and furniture largely revolved around the design vocabulary of the classical Roman period. Executed in painting,intarisia,certosina, marquetry, thus leaves, bead and leaf motifs, masks, and classic molding outlines." (Blakemore, pg. 107)

" In the residences of the wealthy were spaces that typically were more luxuriously treated that others. these included entrances, staircases, halls of state, and chambers. ( Blakemore, pg. 107)


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