Monday, March 16, 2009

Precedent Analysis Project-Part 1:Biltmore Estate~

Biltmore Estate

I personally love the Biltmore Estate. I have visited there numerous times. It is a French Renaissance inspired chateau. It is near Asheville, North Carolina. It was built by George Washington Vanderbilt. It took eight years to build the estate. It is known as the largest home that is privately owned in the United States.  Which is understandable due to its square footage of about 175,000 feet. It also has two-hundred and fifty-five rooms. The architects for this great private estate are Richard Morris Hunt and Frederick Law Olmsted. George Vanderbilt's main purpose was summer estate getaway house. His inspiration came from Europe. The two main buildings that were of great inspiration were the Loire Valley chateaux and the Chateau de Blois. Vanderbilt also wanted the grounds to be great. That is why he hired Frederick Law Olmssted, he is a famous park designer. I would enjoy doing the Biltmore Estate because of how important it has become for North Carolina to attract tourists. It definitely is a major source of commerce. Aside from the commerce it is a beautiful piece of architecture that was designed with an  European inspiration and grounds that imply its splendor. These are all the main criteria that make me want to take a closer look at the Biltmore Estate for this precedent analysis.    

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