Thursday, April 16, 2009



This reflections unit, is for creating a style that is what Americans wanted to be expressed as. They did this by using new materials, that were indicative of the modernism period. The modernism period is the period that was all about discovering new materials and how they all work together. Some of these materials are glass, wrought-iron, and concrete. These materials are practically a precedent for new buildings to come such as the Mayer store department building, designed by Sullivan. It uses concrete, and glass, however, incorporates  Neo-classical design elements. At this time the designers and architects are searching for the modern. To me this style is lead on from the Unity Temple designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. He used all of the modern materials to create a church that was like not other. He set a precedent for the modern era. That is why I feel that his Unity Temple is most indicative of what the reflections unit was all about. "We have had enough, and to spare of the arbitrary reproduction of historic styles. In the progress of our advance from the vageries of mere architectural caprice to the dictates of structural logic, we have learned to seek concrete expression of the life of one epoch in clear and crisply forms. " (Roth, pg. 519) This quote is very expressive of the previous time before the modernistic period. 

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