Thursday, May 7, 2009


Christian Louboutin  black pumps have truly stood the test of time. In the fashion world a staple in every woman's wardrobe is a pair of black pumps. If they happen to Christian Louboutin, then that makes them even better. 
Down comforters aren't really known for their form, however, they are a great item to include under your bedding that adds to the comfort of your bed. It definitely becomes commodious, because it comforts us. I have one myself. It allows me to wine down at the end of the day and truly relax. 
I love house this building is not so "cookie cutter." I really enjoy how the facade is not flat, instead it is curvaceous and engaging. 

A whimsical place nestled in Central Park. It is so fun to eat there. The floral work within and around the restaurant makes Tavern on the Green renown. 
It is not the first cruise line, however, it is become known as the first floating city. Being on the cruise is like inhabiting a small city. The only exception is that it floats on water. It is truly great design. 

A remarkable landmark, that ever since September 11, 2001, it has represented so much for our country. The world trade center represents strength, resiliency, and wisdom. It has become a historical reference point for my entire generation. 

Represents the fun wild side of me. I love the bright lights and colors, a truly great place to dance, and have a great time. 

A great place that represents so much more than a home. It encompasses a realm of technology that Jefferson discovered, and was beginning to master. It is also representative of a lot of events that occurred throughout history. 

I love original Moroccan dishware. It really speaks to the cultural side of me. I love all of the bold colors and unique patterns. They make dinner really fun. 

This is truly a mysterious structure. It has stood the test of time, and yet no one really knows specifically what its purpose was. Yet I believe one of the reasons that it is so fascinating is because we do not yet know what it was used for years ago. 

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