Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I have depicted a grid to show how I tied everything together on the board I did on the Eames house. The house itself is all about geometry, prefabrication, and parts:whole. Therefore, they designed the profile of the house to be all about rectilinear forms and shapes to create rhythm and fluidity.
This is an important piece from the Eames house. It is located in a few areas of the house. It provokes a whimsical feeling throughout the house. Therefore, it is a reflection of nature, youth, and modernism. Moreover, I chose to include this piece within my board to show how playful the Eames were as designers and as people of a home.
This is the board of the Eames HOUSE. I used the color of the stucco panels on the side of the house to enhance and balance the board overall. I tried to emulate the rectilinear forms on the outside of the house with the boxes of images and information on the board.

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