Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Art Analysis:[[PARTI]]--ranch house (process)concept

Art Analysis---

By John Opper, 1954, FIGURE, oi

l on canvas

The painting that I picked is entitled, “figure,” by John Opper. He is an abstract purist artist. This particular painting that he created in 1954, he used deep colors. He laid the paint thickly down on the canvas. He used impastoed strokes. However, the piece also conveys a lot of movement and to depict between negative and positive space. However, despite the fact that it is painted in random strokes and seems chaotic; there is still an overall balance in the painting. The way that Opper uses color and strokes creates harmony and order simultaneously. To me the painting emulates the idea of marrying both chaos and order together in harmony through the use of positive and negative space. This painting is a reflection of why the ranch house was designed in the first place. This painting is about the post-war, and how life was after the war. People had been through so much on the home front. Similar to this painting, it shows that in order to have order there must be chaos. Those two things coexisted and always have. This speaks of why the Ranch style house is such an open and uncomplicated floor plan. It was a style that created order for people during all of the chaos. Conceptually, I could create a concept that is focused around how chaos and order coexist. Also I could focus on the harmony and balance created by positive and negative space within this painting and reflect that in the ranch style house. The elements and principles of design could allow me to create movement through deep colors and thick lines. I would use those to create a balance of positive and negative spaces to comprise harmony. Moreover, this would create order. Then to create chaos or the feeling of chaos, I could impose organic shapes upon fixed, rectilinear ones. The collaborating of fixed shapes with organic shapes imposed upon each other could create a balance of chaos and order. Overall, the painting depicts the harmony and balance of order and chaos coexisting.

Bachelard: inspiration: parti: models--[[impact on material:light:color

My parti is a reflection of how chaos and order come together through positive and negative space. I showed this in my parti by creating shapes that are colored in to represent positive space and shapes that I left uncolored to represent negative space. However, the chaos is emulated by the placement of the shapes that radiate around a point. The alternating shapes of positive and negative space derive the order from the rectangle that contains all of the shapes together. And to show the importance of public space and private space in my parti I colored one side in on the half mark to show public, and left the other side open to show private space. Moreover, I used the parti to inspire the lighting, materials, pattern, and color. My parti inspired the color, material, pattern, and light within my space through showing positive and negative space and marrying that with how chaos and order coexist.

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