Saturday, August 27, 2011


Key words





Motion and progression are at the heart of our environmental design for the Downtown Greensboro Greenway project. In our design, we aim to create an experience for all patrons to enjoy nature and partake in physical activities like running, walking, strolling, and etc. The section we are designing of the Greenway is entitled ‘motion’, which is directly correlated to the hustle and bustle of Downtown. The surrounding areas that make up out project are Freeman Mill Road, the railroad tracks of West Lee Street, Lee Street and Spring Garden Street, which are cornerstones for the abandoned underpass. Our Greenway design is depicted through the use of compression and release to enhance the experience of the people viewing the underpass. Compression and release are illustrated through the use of geometry and the pre-existing slopes with the nature of the land. Within our design, the slope of the land welds into the actual structure of the underpass using more angular lines to abstract the slope of the land. Geometric shapes and angular lines create more of an experience for the people interacting with the Greenway; by allowing them to be in a more intimate setting [compression] or in a more revealing setting [release]. Two color choices [green + orange] will make up our design; two bands conjoining the stretch of our area into one band. The two bands are a metaphor for the underpasses’ that made the construction of Greensboro possible. They pass and finally conjoin to form the railroad underpass. Moreover, we want people to feel as though they are moving from one area, then into a new experience of compression and release created by geometric shapes. This will allow the person experiencing the space to feel a progression and movement towards the next area of the pathway.

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