Sunday, September 18, 2011


The group discussion on Friday was very helpful. I was in the group with Christy, Ashleigh, and Ino.
For me, the discussion allowed me to take all of my ideas and be able to condense them. Due to the fact that I had so many ideas that were so different. It was very hard for me alone to arrive at one concept that I felt like was better than they others. Christy and Ashleigh especially helped me to arrive at a really strong idea. With allowing the fashion week experience to take over the experience with in my pop-up retail store. For most the runway aspect along with the branding of Sephora should be infused into my store in order to create the best experience for the clients.
It is all about creating a Sephora pop-up store that will allow the clients to get the behind the runway 'model' experience, and creating in interactive experience.
For Ashleigh's project, we helped her arrive that she should focus on Kat Von D, to highlight Sephora. It would all be based off of a sweepstakes, where you could win a makeup session with Kat Von D, done by her at Sephora. The products would be her products to really promote her line and get a lot of marketing done before her pop-up store even begins.
While Christy focused on a train route of the London area. She had a really strong idea and was really inspired from this route in London. She really was focused on creating a transition throughout the store.
Ino was focused on having his store in Brazil. He wanted to infuse the concept of the formation from the patterns of the way that birds fly. Ino really wanted to focus on the products and let them be the color. Also focus on the culture behind Exotic women. BOLD. COLORFUL. POWERFUL. EMBRACE.
Overall, we all got a lot out of the group discussion and I feel that it was very helpful not only to my concept development and schematics but for everyone else in the group as well.

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