Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Stephanie's Class Presentations-THOUGHTS----

I really enjoyed David's group presentation that used the concept of weaving. I thought that considering that location of the high school (that used to be an old textile mill) that the concept of weaving seemed to be really cohesive. They explained it as the weaving of the past life of the original building with the new life from the new design into a school. Furthermore, it was the weaving of all of the rooms in a way that they become interlocked and connected. They used ropes in the public spaces of the school such as the cafe, the gym, and the auditorium to reinforce the idea of weaving. The also used removeable partitions between the classroom that would allow for them all to connect or weave together if they would have liked to have that option. Overall, I feel that they used the concept of weaving in a way that benefits the students and the faculty and the nature of being within this space.

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