Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Architecture 2030

The entire lecture was about sustainability and moving towards more enviromentally friendly building standards. I thought that the lecture was really interesting when he brought up the fact that ," We transform everything in our path." This is so true. We are so wrapped up in the fact that we are developing new and better technology; that we become blinded to the truth. Which is, we maybe aren't really helping. We really are adding to this storm that has created so many issues in within our universe. Maybe we aren't what has created Global Warming or maybe we are. But one thing is for sure, that we must start acting like we have a true purpose for being on this earth. We need to preserve our world from becoming one big "carbon footprint." And the carbon footprint is what Architecture 2030 is all about. Its main purpose is to reduce the carbon footprint more and more each year. And they estimated that by the year 2030 the buildings will be carbon neutral. Architecture 2030 is really centralized around trying to create a sense of balance within the world. I think we as architects, designers, and the other members of the world need to collaborate even further to develop buildings and reuse old buildings to create a better sense of place for not only us as humans view the earth; but also to those whom of which are non-human. Because they have an impact in the world as well. We must incorporate all aspects of nature into our new eco friendly designs. And maybe if we really work on reducing the carbon and being more efficient we can all enjoy a better quality of life as we know it.

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