Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How I could improve my project "A place for 12 twigs"

During the critique today, my classmates had great input on how I could improve my project. However, within my group we decided to focus on scale: relativity, that simplicity is best, and how workmanship are key to a great design. We also zeroed in on the fact that the project in order to be effective needs to have a focus. So with using these elements of design, my classmates and I aided in hopefully creating a better place for twelve twigs. I determined that by using a sturdier paper like that of matte board would aid to a better craft of the overall project. I also decided that my project needed to cover the tops of the twigs because it was begining to look like a vase with a division down the middle. Also I wanted to create more of a sense of place for the twigs by connected them in a way that would play on the number twelve, and also have a 2"by 6" cut out in every side of the rectangular cylinder. The concept I am trying to convey is that we often look at a twig and say oh,it's just dead and ugly. When actually if you look at them they are very beautiful. So by creating windows it allows you to really notice the natural beauty of the twigs.

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