Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Theory Hr.-How is Geography Related to Sustainability?

So we may ask ourselves, "Why is green design so important?" Well how I like to understand it is that green design is correlated very deeply with geography. Geography is basically the study of  all things around us that comprise to create the progressive earth we have today. So it is really quite interesting when you think about it because sustainability is the preservation of all aspects of our world in while simultaneously working with the people and the systems that we have created to keep up with our evolving world. And I feel that green design is truly important in all places in order to maintain a sustainable planet.  I mean, I know that I want us to be able to pass down our potentially great world to future generations. However, it all boils back down to geography. We are melting the permafrost in the Swiss Alps, and depleting the polar bears way of life in the Arctic. We need to understand that the problems in the world are not just happening to us, but rather we are creating them instead. Therefore, we are the ones that need to resolve our issues by thinking in a more enviromentaly friendly way. We should begin to think of us as everyone on earth instead of focusing more on ourselves. The bottom line is we need to understand geography in order do have more green designs, which in turn will created a more sustainable enviroment for us and future generations.

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