Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This first picture is of my illuminated letter that I did for my fairy tale story, "The Riddle." I wanted to make the page pop so that is why I chose to use this technique. Within the letter I incorporated ideas and things from the fairy tale. Within my story, there is a king, his servant, the kings son, evil old lady, and a lovely princess. The king, the son, and the servant embark on travel and become lost. So they get taken in by an evil lady. She kills the king's horse with an evil potion. Therefore, they had no choice but to set out into the unknown on foot. They all three finally come across a nice village. Here, the king's son meets a beautiful princess and she tells him that, " the man who can present her with a riddle that she cannot solve, will become her husband." And so it was the king's son who did it, after nine men had tried, he had given her a riddle she could not solve. Then they were married and lived happily ever after.
So I drew this second picture of trees and forest and quotes of riddles and love because it reminded me of them embarking on their journey. They both found love ....and they didn't expect to find it.

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