Wednesday, January 28, 2009


 Story. Artifact. Cycle. Translation. Multi View

Within the movie, " A Mid Summer Night's Dream," there are a collaboration of many different stories coexisting simultaneously. For example, the craftsmen of the village got together and devised a play for the Duke to see. Also there is the story of the flower. Both of these stories are very important within the play. To me stories are very much so apart of our culture. They aid in keeping the essence of past generations and civilizations alive today. If we were not to have stories these past civilizations could be lost forever, and we could not learn from them in any way to benefit our current world. That is why I feel that Shakespeare wanted there to be so many stories coexisting, is because strongly wanted to convey love in his play. And I think that by having so many components provoking that truly emphasizes on the story's importance. Therefore, to me stories are very important in expansion of knowledge, thus aiding our world. 

Artifacts are used to tell a story. And also they exist so that cultures and generations will live forever. The "flower" from the movie "A Mid Summer Night's dream, " the flower acts as an artifact. This is because the fairy used it to charm people and make them fall in love...Except he gets the people confused and creates history and a story behind the flower, thus making it an artifact. Artifacts and stories comprise really well to me. They both work hand in hand to eventually form a cycle. Not only do artifacts influence people and how they behave, but they emphasize heavily on the design and architecture world. In the world we are surrounded by objects that help shape and make human culture as a whole. Artifacts aren't necessarily objects, they can be other things that have impacted our society. They work in a way to reveal stories about them. I consider artifacts as a piece of history. They build over generations that reveal the unknown.  They also teach us of our past cultures, how they lived, their aspirations, and their social order.

A cycle is apart of many realms of life. Everything we do is related to a cycle. And according to, Charles Edward, " Our creativity increases overtime." Therefore enhancing the way we view other things in life like buildings and design. Sometimes designers and observers alike view buildings and architecture as a multi view. For instance, like in "A Mid Summer Night's Dream," there was a very important cycle. It was the love cycle between Leviticus and the man Helena was "in love with" Demitrius. Without the love cycle there would be no play. However, I am most interested in the design cycle and cycle of nature. The design cycle is concerned with high style, the vernacular, regional influences, aedicules, commodity, firmness, delight, scale, and what becomes standard. Which in most ways can relate to our everyday lives.

A multi view is the many different ways in which we view artifacts within our world. It could be the ways that we look at buildings, or even how we look at objects. Multi view can also express how designers view buildings... For example, A plan, elevation, and/or section. And like in the movie, "A Mid Summer's Night Dream," The entire movie was a view into the individual characters and what they were feeling and thinking.

Translation deals heavily with flow. In relation to design and architecture translation deals firmly with function and utility. Function has to have flow and directs people in circulatory function. In that sense, there is and always will be translation occurrences. Because we are always functioning  and being directed places. For example, in the movie, "A Mid Summer's Night Dream," The fairy got lost in translation when he puts the flower spell on the wrong man..

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