Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Wearable Artifact-A BELT: Process

These first two images are of my final wearable artifact. I am modeling it. The belt is to consist of three different colored fabrics. These fabrics are representative of the many moods of the story. The black represents the dark moments within the story, the pale silver is indicative of the mediocre moments of the story, and the metallic teal represents the happy moments of the story. I also decided to use a wrapping/ weaving technique in order to portray how the story is comprised of many different moods. 

This picture is showing the fabrics, the colors, and the weaving technique that I used to create my wearable artifact. 

These last two images are of my sketch model of my belt. My sketch model is made of chip board, and I only made it eighteen inches.I also did not make the belt buckle connect to the other end of the belt. However, these are all issues I resolved in my final model. 

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