Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1600 B.C.-A.D. Timeline:

1600 B.C.
- Rise of Mycenaean civilization in mainland Greece. 
- The Shang Dynasty become the first to rise of power as a dynasty. 
- In Egypt, a revolution broke out against the Hyskos and rule spread throughout the South and began to spread. 

- John Smyth founded Baptism
- Burial sites were discovered in the city of ancient Nubia. They were mounded burial sites.

- The Nebra Disk was found. It was a twelve inch gold disk. It was founded in modern day Germany. And it was an artifact of early German astrology. It recorded images of the sun and moon, and also 32 different stars. 
- The Canaanites invented the first alphabet of sorts.
- Pictographic writing in China.
- The Hittites invented iron forged weapons.

- Chocolate was discovered in Honduras, and was traded throughout the community.
- The late Minoans discovered pottery and used it to trade and make peace with others.

1600 A.D.

-The first charter was granted to the Virginia Company.
- The first English settlement occurred, in Jamestown, Virginia. 
-Spaniards settle Santa Fe, New Mexico.
- Timbuktu gains independence from Morocco.
- Death of Elizabeth 1, lead to James 1 becoming king of England and Scotland. 

- Nurses and hospital sites became increasingly important after the outbreak of smallpox.

- Tobacco is first cultivated in Virginia. This is important because it allowed them to have trade and produce money of sorts.

-Dutch slave traders exchanges his cargo for African Americans.
- The first Dutch trading post was established in Banten, West Java
-The Dutch and English sign the treaty allowing England a third of the spice trade.
-The East India Co. is established in England, and has exclusive trading rights with India.

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