Thursday, March 19, 2009

Deliverables Articulation:Aalto Summer House---

Outline for Aalto Summer House 500 Word Essay:
1. Intro: Basic facts of the house and interesting facts. 
2. Body: Comparsion of house to other summer houses, and draw a tie to a previous form of design/ architecture from the past. 
3. Body 2 / Conclusion: Discuss how the natural elements around the house affect Alvar's design and how that becomes a precedent for other architects and designers.
Drawing Types/Views/ What type of Media:
  • (2) Perspective drawings, One would be a Southwest view, and the other one would be a Northwest view. They would be done in ink on vellum with a bond backing. 
  • (1) A Plan oblique, It would show an overview of the summer house, while still putting the house into perspective. (1/2" = 1' scale) 
  • (2) Plan views, The house has two levels. So I would do a plan view of each. (1/4"=1' Scale)
  • (2) Section view of the building, One would cut the building to the North and the other cut would be made to the South. ( 1/4"= 1' scale)
  • (2) Elevations, These drawings will be focusing on the two most interesting sides of the building. (1/2"= 1' Scale)
  • (1) Scaled Sketch of the house, This will allow you to gather the big picture of the concept of the building.

- What scale should  I do this Summer house in?

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