Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Precedent Analysis Project-Part 1:Johnson Wax Building-Frank Lloyd Wright

" There in the Johnson Building you catch no sense of enclosure whatever at any angle, top or sides... Interior space comes free, you are not aware of any boxing in at all. Restricted space simply is not there. Right there where you've always experienced this interior constriction you take a look at the sky!"  ---Frank Lloyd Wright, In the Realm of Ideas, edited by Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer and Gerald Norland
This is another great building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It is also know as the Administration building.  It is located in Racine, Wisconsin, and was built in 1936.It is composed of over two-hundred different sizes of bricks, and also different shapes. This building is a prime example of streamline design. The bricks used are a cherokee red, and they are all have curved edges. When the main architect Frank Lloyd Wright was designing this building his main concepts were compression and the release of space. Within this building he created a room that has no internal walls whatsoever. It is called the great room, as referred to by Frank himself. Instead he used a series of dendriform columns. Also the building consists of these glass tubes that it plays with light because the light shines into the building. However, you cannot determine where the light is coming from because you cannot see the tubes from the outside. The building also contains original furniture that Wright designed. 

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