Thursday, April 23, 2009



This explorations unit is all about good design for all. The designers of this time were really taking inspiration from a variation of art styles. Some of these styles are impressionism, post impressionism, expressionism, and futurism. However, with exploring all of the art styles we still were not accepting of international style at first. Therefore, designers and architects really begun to play with notion of fluidity. They ideally wanted the actual structure or "bones" of the building to appear as if it was holding up the skin or facade of the building literally. This is also around the time designers begin to ask, "What constitutes modern design?" Well no one has ever really created a definite answer as to what does constitute modern design. Perhaps it is the search or quest for new materials, or possibly even the longing to become unique and completely original; instead of borrowing from past civilizations style of architecture. Thus came the Chrysler building, that is most indicative of the explorations unit. It speaks heavily of the streamline design that was becoming of the city. However, The Chrysler building is also inspired by the automobile. Which leads to the overall themes of the building, speed, sleekness, and coming into the future. It also is true that all of these themes are indicative of what the explorations unit is all about. 

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