Thursday, April 23, 2009

OPUS 12: Action Words---

" By 1932, a handful of European immigrants had brought the modern movement design to America. The system of mass production that America had pioneered and which had inspired European designers had little effect on American interior design with the European modern movement." (pg. 84, Massey)

" New materials and building techniques were to be used to create a lighter, more spacious and functional environment." ( pg. 63, Massey)

" Inspired by a new machine aesthetic, the modern movement stripped away unesscesary ornament from the interior." (Massey, pg. 63)

"The early modern designers hoped to change society for the better with the creation  of a healthier and more democratic type of design for all. (pg. 63, Massey)

" Sweden and Norway had not experienced the same rapid process of industrialization as Britain, Germany, and America. When modern movement principles began to affect Scandinavian design around 1930, there was still a strong sense of craft tradition in existence. (pg. 86, Massey)

"As the modern movement became accepted by the international avant-garde it required new political connotations. The Bauhaus had been closed down in 1932, and by the Nazi controlled Weimar council.( pg. 87, Massey)

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