Thursday, April 23, 2009

Opus 13:[pair]ing down


"The major structural bays , three on the short side and five on the long side, were then subdivided by prefabricated aluminum window mullions whose alternation of widths sets up a counter rhythm to the regular, larger rhythm to the regular, larger rhythm of  structure. (roth, pg.538)

transpose/ juxtapose

"...Architects in 1946, begun to infuse their new architecture with greater meaning and symbolism to create new monumentality.(pg. 539,Roth)

light/ habitat
" The brillant whiteness of the rough stucco exterior is in the sharpest contrast to the dark interior, which is lit only by small apertures in the south wall filled with colored glass and reflected light and swooped up in the towers and splashed down on the altars below." (roth, pg. 551)

literal/ abstract
" At last the industrial production capacity of the United States available to him, Mies was able to realize the dream of the glass towers conceived in his cloud covered North German homeland. (pg. 537, Roth)

"... Their aesthetic of architecture was to make no statement other than to reveal itself, or at least if it did speak it was only about current building technology and structural science."
( Roth, pg. 539)

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